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Oram & Moss, Chartered is meeting with clients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Though we are back in office working to serve our client’s needs, to continue protecting our staff and our clients, we are limiting our in-person interactions on a case-by-case basis. Please call our office at (301) 652-8600 if you would like to schedule a virtual meeting or if you have any questions regarding our current status.

Estate Planning

Oram & Moss attorneys take pride in their ability to serve clients of all assets levels and in a variety of familial circumstances, from individuals and couples to young families, blended families, and families spanning multiple generations. Serving clients in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Florida.

Estate and Trust Administration

Oram & Moss is a trusted partner providing fiduciary representation in the administration of Estates and Trusts after an individual’s death. Administering Estates and Trusts in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Florida.

Wealth Planning and Preservation

Oram & Moss offers an immersive review of clients’ financial picture in order to devise a plan which best allows for the preservation of wealth and the most cost-effective mechanisms for generational transfers of wealth.

Real Estate Transactions

In order to effectuate a client’s Estate Planning or to carry out Estate or Trust Administration, Oram and Moss will ensure that legal title to our client’s real estate is properly transferred.

Business Succession

Many clients have existing business interests or wish to start a new business. It is the continuation of those businesses to the next generation that is the art of this practice.

Marital Agreements

Protecting family wealth and planning for blended families are among the top reasons clients look to protect assets prior to entering marriage.

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