Estate and Trust Administration

Estate and Trust Administration encompasses the representation of Personal Representatives and Trustees through the formal reporting and wrapping up of one’s affairs following their passing. Working with the Personal Representative, Trustee, and family members, Oram and Moss attorneys will offer guidance and assistance with the marshalling of assets, court required reporting and publications, application of Tax Identification Numbers with the IRS, payment of debts and expenses, comprehensive post-mortem planning to include estate tax and capital gain tax planning considerations as well as qualified disclaimers, and the final distribution of assets.

If Probate is required, Oram and Moss attorneys will assist with filing the Petition to Open the Estate and appointment of the Personal Representative including all supporting documentation, publication of notice with the appropriate regional publications, filing of Inventories and Accounting with the Court, and final Discharge of the Personal Representative along with payment of debts, expenses, and final distribution of the Estate.

Oram & Moss attorneys work closely with our clients’ team of advisors throughout this process including, accountants, financial advisors, and insurance professionals. In addition, we will coordinate with requisite appraisers for real estate, tangible personal property, and business interests.

To the extent it is required, Oram and Moss attorneys assist clients with the preparation of the Federal Estate Tax Return (706), Maryland Estate Tax Return (MET) and/or District of Columbia Estate Tax Return (DC76), and can provide support in the event of a tax audit. While Oram and Moss does not prepare 1041 Income Tax Returns for Estate or Trusts, we will work seamlessly with clients’ accountants to ensure the proper returns are timely filed with complete asset information as well as debts and expenses.

The administration of one’s Estate or Trust is a lengthy and arduous process for the family and friends tasked with the job. Oram and Moss offers support not only from the legal perspective but takes pride in the relationships we build with our clients through this challenging time. It is one of the most difficult parts of our practice, but probably also the most rewarding to be there for our clients’ and their families. Clients of Oram and Moss take comfort knowing that our attorneys and staff will be there for their family to ensure their wishes are upheld and that they will be assisted throughout the administration.