Marital Agreements

Premarital Agreements or Postmarital Agreements may be advisable for clients with significant independent wealth or wealth which the client expects to receive as part of a future inheritance. Even clients without significant assets may be appropriate candidates for a Marital Agreement if the marriage is a second marriage for one or both parties and the client wishes to ensure the protection of their assets and/or income for their children in the unlikely event of marital dissolution.

Oram & Moss attorneys provide Marital Agreement representation, expertly guiding clients through what can be a delicate negotiation process in order to devise an arrangement that is satisfactory to both parties. As a firm with a focus on Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation, Oram and Moss attorneys offer a unique perspective to Marital Agreements ensuring that our client is not only protected in the event of a divorce but ensuring that the Martial Agreement allows for the appropriate estate tax and creditor protection planning that can be achieved as part of the client’s Estate Planning. Too often Marital Agreement are drafted without the consideration of a long happy marriage in which the couple would like to proceed with Estate Planning to minimize tax liability and/or administration burdens. Oram and Moss attorneys advocate for a comprehensive Marital Agreement taking into consideration the couple’s eventual Estate Plan and will work with the client following the marriage to ensure that all objectives have been satisfied and coordinated appropriately.