Real Estate Transactions

Depending on a client’s unique planning, primary residences, and secondary properties, may need to be transferred to a client’s Revocable Trust or newly established gift trust, or a client may wish to transfer ownership of an income-producing property to a Limited Liability Company (LLC). As part of the Estate and Trust Administration process, property may need to be transferred from the deceased’s Estate or Revocable Trust to another individual outright or to another trust that the deceased has created for the benefit of their family.

Oram & Moss prepares Maryland and District of Columbia deeds in house to facilitate transfers of Maryland and District of Columbia properties. We work with trusted abstractors and outside attorneys in Virginia and Florida as well as other jurisdictions in order to ensure timely and effective transfer of title for properties.

In addition, Oram and Moss attorneys advise clients with regard to the purchase of new real estate opportunities to coordinate with the estate and wealth preservation planning. This includes various types of transactions from inter-family loans to children for the purchase of a first house to establishing a family vacation home in a structure that will allow for wealth transfers to generations to come. Oram and Moss also routinely works with clients with real estate enterprises to ensure an effective and efficient transfer of wealth.